Why Anime?

If I had to pick a word to sum up my current place: It'd be 'questioning'. Questioning the things around me, myself and the relationships between the two. It can be a scary position to be in. There's been times where my anxieties and stresses have increased massively because of it, with my previous post … Continue reading Why Anime?

A Post

It's been 7 months since I started this little corner of the world. It feels weird looking that up, by now I assume I've had this up forever. I started this as a home of sorts. I've never felt strong affection to a physical place or location to call it as such. So here comes … Continue reading A Post

Napping Princess – Dreaming In a Technological Age

Dreams have been a constant crux of the human mind for as long as human activity has been documented. There's something inherently fascinating about disconnecting from the world we live in, to somewhere else where limitations can't hold you back. It's also where the crux of Napping Princess is, which looks at dreams, their purpose, … Continue reading Napping Princess – Dreaming In a Technological Age